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Getway EducationGeneral information and guidance for students

Candidates enrolled in any Institute need to be aware of these guidelines and abide by them strictly. Whenever any student is trying to make an application or taking admitted in any Institute, it becomes automatically understood that he/she has gone through these terms and conditions without fail and understood them properly.

Pre-application enquiries 

This is the sole responsibility of the student to as well as applicants to become fully aware of the course that they are applying for through any communication mode, is the one that they are willing to study. Students need to carry out background research about their course of choice, awarding bodies, complete overview of such entities, fees structure and duration of the course. The institute cannot be held responsible for any form of discrepancy or mishap created from the student’s end and neither the company will be liable to refund any amount or tuition fee paid on the basis that the course is not what had been expected previously by the student.

Application process

This is the step-by-step guide for students who are intending to apply for a degree course:

Step 1: Selection of course of study by students at Universities or Colleges located in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries

Step 2: Requirements for an academic entry

A broad range of overseas qualifications are accepted and it is recommended to contact our expert team to find out whether your preceding qualifications are enough to have you your course of choice in your dream Institute.

Step 3: English language and Foundation courses

If your 1st language is not English, you have to provide written evidence of English qualifying test to prove your proficiency in reading, speaking and writing fluency.

Step 4: Applying to College/ University in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and all European Countries

Getway Education also has the responsibility of providing all sorts of information and advice regarding the student’s application so that the best institute can be approached and applied. All applications need to be made to Getway Education which will then be forwarded to the concerned Institute.

Student warranties

The admission offers are usually made based on the information provided by the students. Hence, it is necessary for the students to confirm and ensure that the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge. Any information breach or miscommunication induced from the student’s end regarding information may allow the Institute to terminate the student’s candidature.

Course cancellation

The courses provided by an Institute usually searches for the minimum number of students and tutor availability. If at any point of time the course does not suffice the minimal number of students and/or tutors, then the Institute has the authority to cancel the conduction of that course. Under such instances, the Institute may deem to provide an alternate course of a similar level to the students. Refunds of any paid amount shall only be processed if the student rejects the alternative course proposal, less agreed Admin charge.


Tuition fees which have been already paid by the students are refundable solely at the discretion of the Institute under the following conditions:

  • The student falls seriously ill or may be suffering from chronic disease or is not physiologically or psychologically stable to attend classes (a medical report needs to be submitted from a registered medical practitioner). 100% tuition fee waiver is applicable but solely at the discretion of the Institute and the percentage of fee waiver may vary across Institutes and Getway Education shall be providing all sorts of information regarding refund protocols during application to Institutes
  • International students who have been rejected entry to the country (except the refusal as per Paragraph 320, that is rejection of visa on the basis of submission of false/fake documents or misguiding the Embassy or an incomplete application form)-only when the student submits all relevant documents regarding visa rejection to Getway Education within 14 days of the refusal and the student has no intention of lodging an appeal. In this case, refund will be 100%, less agreed Admin charge

Equal opportunities

Students from all over the world are encouraged and invited to pursue their dreams of studying in the Institute that they find suitable for their career. Getway Education and Getway Education works in close harmony and tolerance towards every individual irrespective of his/her caste, creed, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic background.

Student Finance & Financial Support

It is highly recommended that you spend ample time in searching for tuition fee waivers or any form of education or student grants or financial aids provided either by the Institute or any external sponsor.